The Classic 2001 Strategy Game
of Corporate Warfare

Trailer Video

The Corporate Machine™ is Stardock's classic 2001 real-time economic strategy game, available now on Steam. Dive back into the timeless battle for one of the most ruthless environments ever created: international trade.

Corporations exist in a constant state of war: Plotting to destroy their rivals, CEOs chase world domination through economic strategies less deadly but more complex than any military maneuver. Control the market, or face the prospect of buyout and bankruptcy. Build your business empire, dominate the industry, and amass a fortune you will need that private island to fully enjoy.

ScreenshotUse political resources to good ends ScreenshotManage global strategy from the
main map
ScreenshotCreate marketing campaigns to boost demand or undermine rivals ScreenshotLeapfrog the competition by investing
in research
ScreenshotBuild up your facilities ScreenshotStay on top of developments from biplanes to stealth fighters

System Requirements

Multiplayer through requires forwarding of port 5011 on your router to your game PC. Please click here for help with port forwarding or contact your router manufacturer for additional port forwarding support.